This Code of Conduct applies to any land, building, venue or equipment being owned, hired, leased of otherwise utilised by the Cairns District Junior Eisteddfod Incorporated or any of its agents or employees in the execution of the business and objectives of the Cairns District Junior Eisteddfod at any time during the year and in particular through the running of the Annual Junior Eisteddfod.

    The committee of the Cairns & District Junior Eisteddfod Incorporated (the committee) will not tolerate any unacceptable conduct (including but not limited to verbal abuse of any person, obscene language, loud or boisterous conduct), which is deemed unacceptable by the committee. This includes all persons attending at any venue, of the Junior Eisteddfod.
    Any member of the committee or designated official, may give a directive at any time, to any person to whom this code applies to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the Eisteddfod. Any person who refuses to obey such directive may be asked to leave a venue, and failure may result in the committee taking such action including the calling of police to ensure the Eisteddfod’s unimpeded operation.
    Any person using the equipment owned by, leased or hired by the CDJE are responsible for:
    Any damage caused to that equipment,
    Any damage howsoever caused to that equipment and further, any person deliberately damaging Eisteddfod equipment will be responsible for the replacement of that equipment or the payment of the cost of same
    Any child behaving in a manner that is deemed by the committee or a representative of same to be unacceptable will be removed if it be deemed appropriate by the official and if that child is a competitor they may be disqualified from competing in that section and other sections.
    An official, as referred to in this document is a person appointed by the committee of the CDJE to assist them during the running of the Annual Eisteddfod (for example the marshal, backstage worker, door keeper.) all such officials shall wear a badge clearly identifying the position they hold.
    During the hiring of the relevant Venue for the CDJE Eisteddfod or any other functions the employees of the relevant Venue must be obeyed whilst in the Venue complex and to this extent are designated Officials of the CDJE whether or not they wear a badge.
    Further security rules of the relevant Venue imposed by the CDJE committee must be obeyed during the running of the Annual Eisteddfod.
  7. VENUE SECURITY                                                                                                                                    The roped off area around the Adjudicator is a ‘secure area’ and is off limit to all persons with the exception of the Eisteddfod Committe on official eisteddfod business. The PRESS is only permitted near the Adjudicator when accompanied by an Eisteddfod Committe person, to supervise the interview. All visiting press shall report to the Eisteddfod Managers table. This security protocol has been implemented to Notify Eisteddfod Committe and the audience of the presence of Eisteddfod authorised Official Press staff at the venue

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